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One Bullet Shy Of A Solution EP

Image of One Bullet Shy Of A Solution EP


Our newest release recorded at the famed Castle Ultimate Studios in August 2010.

"One thing I absolutely love about covering the Bay Area Metal Festival is the fact that I’m discovering a lot of great bands from the Bay Area. One that really stands out to me is Repaid in Blood, from San Jose (aka Taqueria Heaven). I dig their technical, yet chugalicious approach to metalcore; think of a young, more rhythm-oriented All Shall Perish with the guitar soloing skills of Zero Hour. I can’t wait to see how their sound progresses over the next couple of years and I’m definitely stoked to see these guys in action live at BAMF."
Brad Whiteside-Wrecked Reviews

1.One Bullet Shy Of A Solution
2.Count Choculitis (It's a Spreading Epidemic)
3.His Name Was Rusty Shackleford
4.Some Corpses Never Learn